Sock KAL: 4

In my last post, I explained the torrid time I’d had with my sock for the #sockKAL, having to pull it out twice! I thought that was the end of my woes…but no! Turns out I’d managed to misread the pattern and put the gusset decreases along the sole. I don’t know why I did that as I’ve done socks before and not had so many problems but luckily the other lovely #knittinghour ladies spotted it.

the finished sock

So I spent a couple of days carefully picking everything back to the first row after turning the heel, and did the rest of the sock ‘properly’. Pretty sure I still managed to get the Kitchener Stitch wrong for the toe but the main thing is that it fits, and I’ve written down what I did so the other one will match!

Have you ever had such problems knitting a sock?

SockKAL 3 : SockKAL 2 : SockKAL 1

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