New Yarn – Sirdar Sylvan

Sirdar SylvanI came across this gorgeous yarn in my local yarn shop, Wooly Minded, and look at it! I couldn’t not buy it! It’s called Sylvan, and it’s by Sirdar, who have made a lot of unusual fashion yarns in recent years. Sylvan is 90% acrylic and 10% wool, and features a thick and thin texture which should lead to some interesting effects when it’s knitted up! Luckily it’s also machine washable on a wool cycle.

I bought two balls in shade 207, called Balsam, and it features a green to lavender colour shift with an almost metallic sheen. There are seven other shades available but I think Balsam is my favourite. A lot of the patterns on the Sirdar site that use the yarn are for garments but I’ll be knitting these two balls into a slouchy hat.

Have you come across Sirdar Sylvan yet?

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