3 Things To Do When You Can’t Knit

A couple of weeks ago I tripped over a drainage channel in town, and I’ve been suffering from bad pains in my neck and shoulder ever since (thanks for that, Newcastle City Council!) My physio has given me exercises to do and while they do help, I’m finding that knitting is just too painful!

What is a girl to do?!

So I turned to three other ways to spend my time, and I wanted to share them in case any of you find yourself in a similar boat.


watercolour seascapeOr, in my case, watercolours. I did a couple of watercolour workshops in November and I’ve been trying out various exercises ever since. This is a seascape I did at the second class!

I’m not particularly brilliant but since I hurt my left shoulder when I fell, and I’m right-handed, it gives me something to do to keep my hands occupied.

I’ve been going mad buying art books, and I really need to start actually working through the exercises in them. (I have a feeling I think I’ll somehow absorb the contents by osmosis!) So not being able to knit gives me the opportunity!


crochetThis might sound like a mad one given it still requires both hands but the stress on my left hand isn’t so great as it is when I’m knitting. My hand is at a different angle and my fingers are doing something different.

I hurt my right hand a little while ago and I actually found that I could still do Tunisian crochet, even though knitting was too painful, so some form of crochet often becomes my go-to craft.

In this photo, I was actually using a 6mm hook and Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky yarn, which isn’t as fiddly as thinner yarns and is easier on my fingers. Simples!


Derwent WalkI like getting out and about on walks when the weather is semi-decent, and I took this photo on the Derwent Walk as the low clouds turned into mist in the valley.

What I didn’t factor into things was how quickly it would get dark. Walking through a wood in the mist at night is an interesting experience, to say the least!

Walking doesn’t require me to do a lot with my shoulder and it’s nice to get some fresh air, although the sudden bout of rain that we’ve had, combined with the cold snap, means this will be a nicer way to pass the time when we roll back into spring!

What do you do when injury prevents you from pursuing a hobby? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “3 Things To Do When You Can’t Knit

  1. My recurrent injury is usually my back, so lots of rest time. I don’t knit so I’ve been trying to teach myself how to use different types of clay.


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