3 Crafting Resolutions for 2016

I’ve never been a big fan of New Year resolutions. I can never remember them as the year goes by, so I’ve no way of knowing if I’ve actually achieved them or not! So this year I’m going to restrict myself to craft-based resolutions, and I’ll put them here so I have a way of reminding myself what I’ve resolved to do.

Spend more time making art

watercolour paintingI got an awful lot of art supplies for Christmas, including acrylic paints, oil paints, watercolours and different types of paper and canvas. I did make some inroads into teaching myself to use watercolours in 2015, and I want to continue that trend in 2016. I also want to teach myself to use my other wet media!

Part of my problem is always feeling like I’m not in the mood, or the knowledge that whatever I’d like to do won’t turn out that way in my head, so I don’t even try, and I need to stop doing that. Just ten minutes a day doing something arty, even if it’s just practicing sketching, will pay dividends when I come to sit down and create something bigger.

Let myself master the basics before I attempt to move on

fair isle knittingI’ve got a really annoying habit of expecting myself to be a total genius at something within a couple of attempts. It drives me mad and I have no idea why I insist upon it.

I need to focus on actually spending time getting the basics right, even if I am too impatient to invest that time. If I get the basics wrong, then nothing I try later will be any good, which is only going to put me off completely!

fair isle knittingFor example, this year I finally tried Fair Isle knitting, and I did so by making a small mug warmer using just two colours and a basic bat motif. It made it so much easier when I then decided to try a two-colour stranded hat later in the year! (That said, it also made it easier doing said hat pattern in the round, rather than back and forth on straight needles!)

So in 2016 I want to focus on really nailing the fundamentals before I let myself progress onto more complicated or advanced techniques. That has the advantage of giving me extra things I can add to my arsenal when I’m coming up with patterns for jewellery or knitwear, too.

Build on existing skills when trying out new crafts

tunisian crochetI’ve had it in mind to try Tunisian crochet for a while, and I did try it out when I did a Tunisian crochet mug warmer for the March #craftblogclub challenge.

After all, I can already crochet, and the principle is much the same. I have a 4mm and 5mm hook at the ready, plus plenty of yarn, so my biggest craft resolution for 2016 is to master Tunisian crochet!

I’ve started pinning patterns to my Needles, Hooks and Pins board on Pinterest, and I’ll probably start small while I get used to the different technique!

Bonus resolution…use up the yarn I have before I buy more!

I was looking through my stash behind the sofa and found lots of yarn I’d forgotten I’d bought, so I really need to use up what I have before I buy more…but I made that same resolution five times throughout 2015 so we’ll see how long it lasts!

Have you made any crafting resolutions for 2016 yet? Share them in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “3 Crafting Resolutions for 2016

  1. Same with using up the yarn I have! And dealing with my WIPs! And after I do that I want to do spinning again and get back to dressmaking using up the fabrics I’ve got. Oh, and opening a shop on etsy! So I’ve got quite a lot of resolutions.


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