Hat made from Sirdar Sylvan now in my Etsy store

sirdar sylvan yarnA little while ago, I did a stash addition post about this beautiful Sirdar Sylvan yarn. I already knew what I was going to do with it before I started, so over Christmas I knitted a fun super slouchy beanie for my Etsy shop. It took me until last week to finally get it listed, what with being poorly over the holidays and all!

I was really pleased with how the beanie turned out, and the yarn is pretty fun to work with. At first I tried to crochet with it, but the thick-and-thin construction doesn’t lend itself well to crochet, and I found I was losing that beautiful colour shift. So I frogged my first attempt and switched to knitting.

The finished beanie features a twisted rib border, stocking stitch construction, and a flat top to make it slouch properly. It’s a simple pattern, but that’s all the better to show off the colour shift between the woodland shapes of pale purple, green, and dark purple. There’s something very elfin about this particular colourway.

Sylvan Elf Woodland Slouch Beanie Hat

If it takes your fancy, you can find it here. It’s listed at just £7.99, which is a bargain!

Incidentally, I also completed another project, this time a crochet turban headwarmer. It’s a variation on the grey version I made for myself using Cascade 220 Superwash. This new version is made from Debbie Bliss Blue Faced Leicester Aran yarn which is super warm, and completely British!

1940s crochet turban headwarmer

If you like it, it’s just £9.99 here.

Incidentally, I’ve also divided my knits into two separate sections; Affordable Knits and Luxury Knits. This is mostly to reflect the fact that acrylic yarn is cheaper than pure merino yarn, and it’s unfair to charge the same for both!

You can find the Luxury Knits here; all of the products are made with 100% wool (or a wool/silk blend, in the case of Louisa Harding Amitola).

The Affordable Knits are here, which feature a range of yarn blends, but they’re all super soft!

Which do you prefer, the beanie or the headwarmer?


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