Completing my first crochet garment!

top down sweaterI posted a couple of weeks ago about starting a top-down crochet jumper, which just happened to be my first attempt at using crochet to make a finished garment.

I’m pleased to say I’m now finished! I ended up adding four more rounds to the bottom because it was shorter than I would have liked if I followed the pattern to the letter, and I also added more shaping than they suggested because it was too baggy around the middle otherwise. The sleeves are shorter because I nearly always end up pushing sleeves up to my elbows anyway.

It’s a combination of two sizes, with the main body being worked as a medium, and the sleeves use the pattern for the large.

Like I said in my last post, the advantage of working top-down is I’ve been able to try it on and tailor it as I go, to make sure it fits properly.

It’s a warm, squishy jumper, and the use of half-double crochet (half treble if you’re American) makes it look more complicated than it is – and it also works up really quickly.

I’ll definitely be making more top-down jumpers in future, and I’ve become a real fan of raglan sleeves!

Do you work top-down when making garments, or do you prefer to work in panels and then stitch them together?

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