Was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 any good?

I popped up to Edinburgh on Saturday as a belated birthday treat for myself for the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016. Held at the Corn Exchange, it was a heaven for all things yarn. I’ve been to knitting and stitch shows before and I’ve often been disappointed by the bias towards sewing, while the Pins and Needles show I attended in Newcastle weirdly mostly papercraft based. Thankfully the Yarn Festival was all about the yarn!

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

I actually had a strategy this time. I went through my pattern books and picked out a few patterns I wanted to make. I made a list of what yarn I needed, as well as the details should I need to substitute any. While I did spend a fortune, knowing what I was looking for actually really helped rein me in!

edinburgh yarn festival 2016There were so many stalls to choose from! Most of the stalls seemed to sell a range of hand-dyed self striping 4ply, which got a little monotonous after a while. Very few stalls sold anything thicker than DK, which was a shame as I was looking for some bulky yarn too. That said, a couple of stalls sold knitting-related jewellery, another one sold the accoutrements for making slippers (so handy to have a pre-made sole!) while another stall sold felted goods. If I was any good at spinning I might have bought a drop spindle!

Some of the stalls accepted credit cards, which was helpful given the prices! I was also pleased to see the effort that some stalls were actually going to. Fig Tree yarns gave me a pencil in my bag, while Purlescence gave me a free tote bag! It makes all the difference.

The Stephen & Penelope Fine Yarns stall also gave me a free pattern book with my purchase which I’m going to dip into once my current works in progress are finished…

…who am I kidding? I’ll be straight into that one!

I went on my own so I did start to get a little lonely after a while, and once I’d spent as much as I wanted to, I felt I didn’t really have a lot to do. There wasn’t really a seating area, and once I’d wandered around all of the stalls about eight times I felt I’d seen enough and it was time to head back into Edinburgh, where I stopped for cake and lemonade at the Scottish National Gallery. The show could have done with a ‘relaxing’ area – maybe somewhere to sit and knit while enjoying a coffee?

But what did I actually buy?!

Hedgehog Fibres Sock Yarn

edinburgh yarn festival 2016
I got this gorgeous dark green and blue 4ply skein from the Stephen & Penelope Fine Yarns stall for £21. I’m going to knit the Faerly shawlette with it, the pattern for which I bought from the Tall Yarns stall for £4.

Wee County Yarns Pick n Mix!

This is a pick n mix I can get behind! The Wee County Yarns stall had a big basket of 10g balls, with an offer of five for £6.

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

I chose this pre-picked 5-pack and I’m going to attempt this hat with them, so wish me luck on that one!

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

The Fibre Company DK yarn

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

I got these two skeins of Acadia yarn by the Fibre Company from Fig Tree Yarns to make the Bellisfaire Beanie from the Crochet One-Skein Wonders book. At £12 each they were possibly pricier than I would have liked but they are silk, alpaca and merino. And just look at that colour!

Six mini skeins

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

Sadly I can’t remember the name of the stall, but I bought these six mini skeins for just £5. Apparently they contain 18-20 yards each, so I figure that gives me a 108-120 yards of 4ply, which should be enough for a pair of handwarmers! Aren’t they cute?!

Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn

edinburgh yarn festival 2016

I got this beauty from Purlescence for £19. My plan is pretty much to do the Faerly shawl with it, but I do have a couple of other shawlette patterns that might be equally nice!

Knit Global Sock Yarn in Cranberries

edinburgh yarn festival 2016
I don’t know the name of this stall, but they were selling skeins of this Knit Global 4ply for just £4! I needed three skeins of Fyberspates to make the Bette top from Knit Vintage, and there’s more yardage to these skeins so it’s worked out a lot cheaper buying three skeins for £12, instead of one skein of Fyberspates for £16!

Did you go to the Edinburgh Yarn Festival? What did you buy?


11 thoughts on “Was the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016 any good?

  1. All of the eye heart emojis all at once, aimed at all wool purchases. Now I know this exists I just need to come up with a cunning ploy to trick my husband into a holiday to Scotland to co-incide with next year. Wish me luck!


  2. Hello! Good to hear what you thought of the show – I was there Saturday too. I enjoyed it a lot and will definitely go back. Though I do agree with your assessment of the ‘monotony’ of thickness of yarns. I am a loom knitter so anything less than CHUNKY is not really worth me buying!! 🙂 I did buy some needles and scissors though which I really needed. Lovely blog – will pop back another time 🙂 Take care!


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