4ply Faerly Shawl – WiP

Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarnLast week I posted about my yarn haul from the Edinburgh Yarn Festival 2016, and I’ve already gotten stuck into this Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn that I bought from Purlescence.

I would have started sooner but I had a slouchy beanie hat I wanted to finish first!

Either way, I dutifully set up the yarn swift my Dad made for me last Christmas, and turned this gorgeous skein into a ball I could actually work with.

Is it me, or is it disappointing when you turn a skein like this into a ball and you realise how patchy the self-stripes actually are? Never mind.

Starting the Faerly shawl

FaerlyWhile I was at the festival, I actually bought the Faerly pattern from Tall Yarns. It’s a shawlette that might be in 4ply but it’s knitted on 6mm, making it a rather fast knit to start off.

I had a bit of a nightmare because I don’t normally knit tension swatches (I know, slap me) but the idea of using 6mm needles with 4ply filled me with the kind of dread I haven’t experienced since Sixth Form.

The pattern says you should have approximately 12.5 stitches to 10cm…and I had a whopping 19! I looked it up on Ravelry and with the exception of two women who used slightly different yarn and therefore used 4.5mm needles, everyone had gone for the 6mm option. So I’ve been brave and started mine off using the 6mm needles that the pattern recommends.

This is making me nervous already

Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarnThe pattern is really simple and started off with no problems – I’ve done shawls before that have just made me want to throw it across the room. It does look a little odd using such fine yarn on such big needles but I’m hoping that blocking it when I’m finished will pull it into shape! Hopefully I won’t run out of yarn, and I’ll have enough for the frill!

I do like the fact it’s mostly stocking stitch and I’ve got enough of it done that while I do still have markers in it, I could probably take them out and it’d still be easy to see where my yarn overs need to go. Wish me luck!

What was the last shawl you knitted?


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