The finished kerchief!

crochet kerchiefWhat do you do if you want to cover your head somehow in the sun, but you don’t want the bulk of a hat?

Enter the kerchief!

I posted last week about the fact I wanted to make one, and here it is!

Shockingly, I started it on Saturday morning while travelling down to London for a day trip, and I finished it the same day.

I crocheted the main body of the kerchief during my train journey south, and once you establish the main repeats the pattern pretty much creates itself.

Then I added the strings, which are actually crocheted onto the main body for strength, on the train journey home. All told, I think it maybe took me three hours, maybe less?

It also didn’t use the entire ball, so I only used 25g of my original 50g ball of yarn!

The pattern is really easy, and I’d recommend it if you want a quick and reasonably simple crochet make in time for summer. As for the yarn, the slub texture looks cool but it’s difficult to get an even stitch. Sometimes it can be difficult to hook a thick section through a thinner one, but it does give a more rustic appearance.

crochet kerchief
Blue, white and coral of Beachcomber DK

I’m really pleased with it though, and it definitely looks better (and neater) now I’ve blocked it! I wet blocked it to make it easier.

crochet kerchief
The finished kerchief

Would you crochet a kerchief or buy a hat? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “The finished kerchief!

  1. I like the shell stitch you used! I knitted a similar kerchief for keeping my hair out of the way when I’m doing housework, but found the worsted weight cotton I used too thick (and the pattern called for bulky!). Maybe I’ll try making one again with thinner yarn now that I’ve seen yours.


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