The finished Faerly shawl!

Way back in March I posted about this beautiful Sweet Georgia Tough Love sock yarn by Purlescence that I picked up at the Edinburgh Yarn Festival.

purlescence sock yarn

A week later I cast on the Faerly shawl by Tall Yarns, and I was amazed at the speed that it knitted up. Then again, I guess knitting 4ply on 6mm needles will do that to a project!

faerly shawl
In its freshly cast on state…

Well I finished it in just three days, but true to form, it languished in my room, waiting to be blocked. It doesn’t help that it’s got to be over a metre wide, and I don’t have anywhere to leave my blocking mats overnight!

I finally got the opportunity to block it on Saturday, so I dutifully dampened the shawl, pinned it out to the given measurements, and left it to dry.

faerly shawl
All pinned out!

It only actually took about six hours to do so, but I left it overnight to be on the safe side.

And here it is, in all its glory!

faerly shawl

Before I blocked it, it was obviously smaller, with a tighter stitch, but it had a springy quality that I didn’t really like. After being blocked, the stitch is looser, but it has a better drape. Being wider, it’s also easier to arrange around the neck, though I can actually wear it draped across my shoulders as a shawl.

It’s a brilliant pattern – really easy to make, and it uses slightly less than a skein of 4ply sock yarn so it doesn’t cost a fortune to knit. It also knits up really quickly so if you need to make a gift at the last minute, this would be perfect!

Also, in case anyone was wondering, I know it matches my eye shadow. I was actually thinking of that particular palette by Illamasqua when I was deciding which skein to buy. It possibly takes accessorising a little too far!

Have you knit a shawl before, and would you try one?


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