Dragon Watcher’s Hood

So for Halloween one of my plans involved going to see The Cabinet of Dr Caligari at the Castle Keep in Newcastle.

But as a Grade 1 listed building, it has no heating! I know from experience how cold it gets in there, so I decided I’d need something to keep my head warm.

As it was Halloween, I thought a hood might be better than a hat because originally, I was going to go in fancy dress as the Grim Reaper.

Plus, I’ve wanted to make the Dragon Watcher’s Hood by Tiny Owl Knits for absolutely ages and this seemed as good an excuse as any!

Dragon Watcher's Hood
© Tiny Owl Knits

Yarn substitution for the Dragon Watcher’s Hood

Now the pattern actually calls for Rowan Drift, which is not only expensive, it’s also discontinued!

Rowan Drift gives you 7.5 to 9 stitches per 4″ on 10-15mm needles. It’s also 80m a ball.

So I swapped it for King Cole Big Value Super Chunky. It’s 100% acrylic so not as luxurious as Rowan Drift, but also a fraction of the price.

It gives 10 stitches per 4″ on 10mm needles so it gave the closest substition for the pattern, which uses 10mm needles.

I bought three balls in shade 08 (black) from John Lewis, at £2.60 each…so the whole hood only cost me £7.80!

The finished hood!

Dragon Watcher's Hood
The hood, from the front

The ties at the front help to keep it closed, but you can also put it down and wear it down your back if you need to, and it won’t fall off.

Dragon Watcher's Hood
The hood, from the side

It’s super quick to knit, too – I think it only took me a couple of days. It’s really warm and comfortable – and I think I’ll really need it come December!

I may also make another one and line it with fabric to make it a little more ‘showerproof’ when the winter rains come.

What do you think? Would you ever make the Dragon Watcher’s Hood?


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